“Three Moods for Cello” is now available for purchase!

Picture of music score sample for "Three Moods for Cello" by Desiree Robinson, Composer.

Three Moods for Cello sheet music

This piece was written by Desiree Robinson and premiered by Joshua Sierra in 2015 in Loyola University New Orleans' Nunemaker Hall. 'Three Moods for Cello' is a short and sweet, meditative piece in ABA' form that is written for solo cello. The piece is Desiree Robinson's first solo piece for an orchestral stringed instrument to be composed and premiered. It was performed once again by Joshua Sierra at the same location in 2017 for Desiree Robinson's senior composition recital, "An Array of Songs and Compositions." To hear a recording, go to the bottom of this page. Your score will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible upon receipt of your payment! (Expect it within 2 to 14 business days.) Thank you in advance for your purchase!


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