Good music is all around, but not all music brings life, hope, and light.

It can be easy to go insane while on the search for life-giving music or on your own journey of writing faith-inspired music. But there is a way to find what you are looking for.

God has given us all gifts, one of mine happens to be writing music that glorifies Him, the one that gives us life to begin with. As He created mankind in His image, He has given all of us the ability to tap into His creative nature.

Over the years, God has revealed to me the importance of going to Him for everything I do, including music.

I’d love to help you grow in your journey of life and music! There are three ways that I can help.

  1. Listen. Listen to life-giving music I have written HERE.
  2. Create. Write and learn music that brings life to others HERE.
  3. Commission. Commission me to write new music for you HERE.

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