Picture of Desiree Robinson.

My Work

I am a Christian, composer, songwriter, blogger, instrumentalist, and music educator based in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. I work with classical and non-classical musicians, performers, and artists to glorify God with the music that I write. Classical, contemporary Christian worship music, and Gospel music are my genres of choice. I tend to live where these three genres and cultures merge and crossover.

My Background

I first discovered my love for music after joining my church’s choir in elementary school. I joined my first band class on clarinet in fifth grade and began learning piano in sixth grade. I continued to do band through college. I began songwriting around age nine and composing around seventh grade, but I didn’t start using notation software until high school. I enjoy composing and having others perform my pieces, but I also perform some of the pieces that I write. I love collaborating with others on works and songs so feel free to contact me if you wish to do so!

Beyond the Music

I am from Lafayette, Louisiana and I learned so much there, but God has called me to New Orleans. I enjoy crafting (knitting, macrame, and crochet), travelling, working with kids, and volunteering during my free time. Giving back is a big part of who I am! I aspire to learn many instruments such as harp, cello, guitar, tenor sax, and many more. I hope to one day start a non-profit music business that brings private lessons to people with a lack of funds and resources.

My Resume
Desiree Picture

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