New Seasons!

I’m sure all of us have lately been bombarded with new things that have given us reason to feel uncomfortable.

In the midst of these uncharted territories and situations if we learn to embrace what we can do to grow, we can flourish instead of crumble.

Yes, it is hard, but, it is truly necessary as well.

Every day we are given new opportunities, even if things seem to be the same.

Opportunities to grow, to love more deeply, to pray more fervently, to exercise faith, take in surroundings with a fresh perspective, to encounter different people, to share the Gospel, to rest in God’s presence, to receive grace, and so much more.

Here’s my prayer:

“Lord, give us the spiritual awareness and alertness we need to get an understanding of what You are doing and calling us to in every season. It’s not natural to put these things into practice, but You created us as spiritual beings first, so let that supernatural activity be clear to us. Build up our spiritual muscles!”

New levels of entrustment and favour, new levels of responsibility and discipline.

When God brings you into something new at an unexpected time, it is likely because He knows you are ready to step up to the plate.

Once you step up, you still have to prepare and position yourself to bat when the ball is thrown your way.

This period of what I’ll call “post-promotion preparation” is often very expedited compared to the “pre-promotion preparation” that we go through before ever being called to this specific plate.

Post-promotion preparation, though very short, is very key and requires you to do a few things.

6 steps to post-promotion preparation.

6 steps to post-promotion preparation:

  1. Answer the call – once you’re called, acknowledge the calling. “Lord, here am I, send me.”
  2. Step up to the plate – bring yourself to the launching pad.
  3. Look – visually perceive what you will need to face or oppose.
  4. Position yourself – look/act like you’re about to use your gear and tools.
  5. Be alert – stay focused on the ball, but be aware of the players as well.
  6. Be ready to move/run – be in the mindset to radically change how you transition in operate.

“So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.”

Exodus 3:10 NIV

The scripture above is God telling Moses that he would lead his people out of slavery. Prior to this, Moses had just escaped from Egypt because he killed an Egyptian man. He was not expecting to be called to this promotion, yet God expedited the process and prepared him for the role at hand. Did Moses have some questions and doubts? Certainly, but, God’s answers to his questions gave him the knowledge and confidence he needed to be successful anyway.

God promotes Moses in Exodus 3:10 NIV.

You can choose to do 1 of 2 things when called.

  1. Stop prematurely – when we do this, it’s often because of a mindset issue.
  2. Follow through – we may not get the home run the 1st time, but we are planning on it. We may have been anticipating this promotion to come some way or another, so, when it came, we gave it all we had to answer the call.

In those times we choose to stop prematurely at any of those 6 steps, we can choose to believe 1 of 2 things.

  1. I’m a failure- I couldn’t do it, so I will never be able to be successful.
  2. Where and why did I not follow through on running into the promotion? How can I get further next time?

If you ponder this in your time with God next time you abort your promotion too soon, I believe He will hear you and respond to you and your situation just as He did with the Israelites when they were enslaved to Pharaoh in Egypt! He was so concerned about them that He promoted Moses to help them.

“During that long period, the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God. God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob. So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.”

Exodus 2:23‭-‬25 NIV
Listen to these birds at Boettner Park near Walmart in New Orleans and the track called, “Sweet Distractions,” for string quartet by yours truly in the background.

I pray you all are enjoying this new season of fall!

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