Post-college life

I am not going to lie- the last few weeks of college were HARD. The only way I was able to make it through was because I knew that God had called me to go to Loyola and that He would give me strength to see His plan for my life through.

From mission trip, to scoring my first orchestra piece, to clarinet recital, to spring ensemble concerts, to worship concerts, to feeling burdened for the lost souls of people attending the baccalaureate mass, laptop troubles, finals, and commencement, I was near the point of burn out. The only thing I could really do at that point was take a break!

So that is exactly what I did. Yes, I had bills to pay and groceries to buy, but the least conducive thing I think I could have done at that point was get a new job. I had been applying for and interviewing for jobs as prospective listings came up, but God knew that rest was what I needed.

Once three weeks had passed by, I began a more active job search and soon enough, landed a position at a summer day camp. We had a week off for the Fourth of July, which I spent going to Essence Festival with great friends, resting, and working on music branding. When the camp ended I worked a few different temporary jobs that were overall quite good.

During this season God gave me many mini ideas for pieces and songs that I have yet to flesh out. As much as I love and enjoy writing music, there are times to back off of that as well. I primarily am spending my musical energy on spending time with God in musical worship and praise to Him at home, at church, and many places in between.

Now, I work for a non-profit in New Orleans through AmeriCorps VISTA. Though a year ago I never thought that I’d be doing the work I am doing now, I know God has placed me here for several reasons, many of which are still being revealed to me. The work that I am doing does not directly have to do with music, but a lot of the tools and skills that I am learning are transferable and are becoming an asset to my music business. It is also nice to sort my life at a new pace altogether. I am getting a better idea on how to communicate effectively with different audiences and people.

Is my life perfect? By no means. But I am choosing to live a life full of joy, one moment and day at a time. As I move further away from being an undergrad, I am moving closer to all that God has been preparing me for.

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